Twice as Thick!

Issue 2 and Volume 70.

Twice as Thick! ONE of our readers recently expressed the hope that the coming year would be one of constantly increasing success for us. He wrote: “I want to express my sincere thanks for all courtesies you have extended to me and for the valuable information gained through Fire and Water Engineering during the past year. “I hope that next year at this time your magazine will be twice as thick, twice as useful, and twice as successful as it now is. Even now it is invincible—it can’t be beat!” That’s the spirit we like to see, and we are glad to say that the majority of our readers feel the same way about it. If you want FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING to be “twice as thick” as it is now, it means that with your support and co-operation we must get more advertisers and make their advertising really worth…

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