Efficiency in Water Works Accounting Methods

Issue 2 and Volume 70.

Efficiency in Water Works Accounting Methods System Turns Out Five Hundred Accounts in Day— Ledger and Meter Reader’s Book Sheets Correspond —Machines Speed Billing and Insure Accuracy THE author of the paper which follows, while he may be numbered among the younger water works men, still speaks with the authority of considerable experience, as he has had a long career in connection with water works. His earlier work was in connection with a municipal plant at Rockford, Ill., and later as superintendent of a municipally owned plant at Plattesville, Wis. Since 1906 Mr. Gallagher has been manager of water works plants operated by private companies and the two utilities with which he is now connected are the Independence Water Works Company and the Interurban Water Company, supplying the smaller municipalities and suburban districts in Jackson County, outside the limits of Kansas City, Mo. Every superintendent or office manager knows that…

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