Can Firemen’s Salaries Be Standardized?

Issue 4 and Volume 70.

Can Firemen’s Salaries Be Standardized? Chief Shire Says No and Cites Figures to Prove His Contention—Large City Must Pay More Than Small Town — Maximum and Minimum Salaries THE subject assigned to me would be easy, if without the first word “Standardization.” We have heard definitions of what standardization is, and have seen the physical results of someone’s idea of standardization when a department has asked for a raise in pay. But today we are just about the same from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from Canada to the Gulf. Standardization for All Cities an Impossibility To use the word standardization for a fireman first class in New York, Chicago, New Orleans or San Francisco as far as wages go or the department at Ft. Wayne and claim a standard pay for all ranks and classes would be impossible for it will never be done to standardize firemen’s wages…

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