What Every Fire Fighter Should Know

Issue 4 and Volume 70.

What Every Fire Fighter Should Know Compiled and Arranged by HYDRAULICS Engine and Nozzle Pressures—To Solve for K (Continued from page 115) To find the value of K for any other size of hose than 2 1/2-inch, divide the value of K for a single line of 2 1/2-inch hose using any nozzle by the factor for any other line or combination of lines employing the same sized nozzle. The quotient is the desired value of K. However, in the case of siamesed lines, a special allowance has to be made for the loss in the Siamese as the factors are only the relative friction losses in the lines of hose, and do not take into consideration the loss in the Siamese. For 500 gallons flow, this loss would be from 2 to 4 pounds, and for 1,000 gallons, 7 to 15 pounds. When solving for the engine pressure, this…

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