Total Loss in Guelph Lumber Fire

Issue 4 and Volume 70.

Total Loss in Guelph Lumber Fire Considerable property was involved in the early morning fire which destroyed the Robert Stewart Lumber Company’s plant, Guelph, Ont., on June 7. Besides the plant, about sixteen stores and one house suffered either complete destruction or heavy damages. The Stewart plant, built in 1864, was situated in the northwestern section of the city, occupied a space of 150 x 100 feet, and was constructed of brick and stone, with partition walls of the same material. The alarm was received by the department over the phone at 4:05 and was responded to by nineteen regular members and six assistants under the direction of Chief Robert A. Knighton. It is not known from what cause nor in what portion of the structure the fire started, but when the department arrived, it was burning briskly throughout the entire plant. After a five hours’ fight, it was finally…

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