Fire Protection of Automobiles

Issue 8 and Volume 70.

Fire Protection of Automobiles While comparatively few automobiles now catch on fire in comparison with such accidents several years ago, an accident or disaster of that sort does occasionally happen and it is essential that every fire chief and other member of a fire department should know what ought to be done when called upon to extinguish that type of fire, as they frequently are, and also know how to prevent such fires in motor fire apparatus, not to speak of being able to handle the fire when it does occur. Some excellent suggestions along this line are made by H. Clifford Brokaw, technical director West Side Y. M. C. A. Automobile Schools. The principal cause of automobile fires is from back-firing, and the chief cause of back-firing is too lean a mixture fed to the cylinders. When there is a back-fire, a sheet of flame comes from the air…

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