Electrical Operation of Gate Valves

Issue 8 and Volume 70.

Electrical Operation of Gate Valves Value of Quick Electrical Control Through Special Devices —Flooding of Districts, with Loss of Property, Can Be Avoided—An Accurate Description of the Control System THE art of power operation of gate valves has probably been given less thought than any other power operated device; not only in water works but in steam practice also. Up to five years ago the electrically operated valve was almost a thing of the past, its development having entirely stopped in favor of cylinder operation, but since that time it has again come to life and is now making rapid strides, threatening seriously to eliminate cylinder operation for almost every use, and entirely, where distant control is required. Old Gate Valves Hard to Operate A large gate valve, after having been installed for some years and without much care, becomes exceedingly hard to operate and sometimes requires the efforts of…

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