What Every Fire Fighter Should Know

Issue 8 and Volume 70.

What Every Fire Fighter Should Know HYDRAULICS (Continued from page 306) Horizontal Range Knowledge of the horizontal range of fire streams is particularly valuable where streams are to be thrown from one building across a street to another building, from dock to dock at waterfront fires, or from fireboats to burning waterfront property. For instance, to know the required nozzle pressure to cross a 50-foot street and reach a burning building means effective and efficient work from the start. Theoretically a fire stream has its greatest range horizontally when the angle it makes with the level of the earth is 45 degrees, but John R. Freeman, C. E., found that under actual conditions an angle of 32 degrees gave the greatest actual horizontal range. The formula for maximum horizontal range is, therefore, based upon an angle of deflection, that is, angle with the level of the earth’s surface, of 32…

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