Hazard of Oil Discharge in Harbors

Issue 8 and Volume 70.

Hazard of Oil Discharge in Harbors On several occasions FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING has called attention to the comparatively new and very menacing hazard arising from the promiscuous discharge into the waters of rivers and harbors of oil, oil refuse and oily water from vessels which use this fluid as fuel. This is a growing evil which has been brought to the attention of port authorities both of the United States Government and of the various cities which have a water front, and yet, through a strange apathy, little has been done to check the practice. The danger of this discharge being carried by shore eddies around the piers of docks and wharves, is a very serious one. The oil remains in the stagnant water and soaks into the wooden piles, rendering them extremely inflammable and it only requires a carelessly dropped match or lighted cigarette to cause a conflagration…

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