Water Rates and Operating Cost

Issue 8 and Volume 70.

Water Rates and Operating Cost (Continued from page 305) AS illustrating the proportion of rates and the general financial outlook of the water works, the replies, continued from the August 17 issue, which FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING received to a questionnaire recently sent out, amounting to some 160 in all, are very interesting. The questions asked were as follows, the replies being numbered accordingly: 1. Present water rates. 2. When and what was last rate increase? 3. Is further increase contemplated? If so, how much and when effective? 4. Percentage of increase in operating and maintenance costs since 1914. 5. With what surplus or deficit did you end 1920? Question No. 1, as will be seen, was answered in nearly every instance with complete details. To question No. 2 the replies varied, in some cases the rates not having been raised for from ten to twenty years, in others as…

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