Wireless for Dallas Fire Alarm Superintendent

Issue 9 and Volume 70.

Wireless for Dallas Fire Alarm Superintendent The writer on August 18 attended a fire in a Cadillac car with Supt. (Daddy) Garrett of the Dallas police and fire alarm signal department. Mr. Garrett’s car is equipped with a wireless receiving outfit and the fire alarm transmitter is connected to the wireless sending station in fire headquarters. Mr. Garrett and myself both wore wireless receiving headpieces and were at least two miles from the fire and an equal distance from the wireless sending station when we distinctly heard the fire tapped out. The bell sounds like a loud buzz and Mr. Garrett can ride around Dallas in his auto and receive every fire alarm that is sent in the city. When we heard the tap out signal we were about half-way across the large concrete viaduct over the Trinity River and its bottom that connects Dallas and its suburb, Oakcliff. The…

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