Issue 9 and Volume 15.

STOCKTON, CALIF. Population is estimated at 41,200, the U. S. census of 1920 showing 40,296. The city is the distributing and mercantile center for the San Joaquin valley and has undergone a steady development. The leading industries include flour mills, foundries, leather works and the manufacture of farm implements. Transportation is afforded by three transcontinental railways, by river and by interurban electric lines. Conflagration Hazard The conflagration hazard is high in the principal mercantile district, because of the very weak structural conditions in the compactly built blocks composed almost entirely of joisted brick buildings, an inadequate water supply, an unreliable fire alarm system, and the small amount of private fire protection. The fact that the blocks are without alleys is a poor feature and makes the general accessibility very poor. The hazard is somewhat lessened for the district as a whole, because of the mainly effective fire department, and one…

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