New Work on Commercial Oil Hazards

Issue 13 and Volume 70.

New Work on Commercial Oil Hazards A newly issued volume is that entitled “The Fire and Explosion Hazards of Commercial Oils,” by William and C. A. Vlachos. It is a thorough exposition of the subject treated from the standpoint of the practical underwriter. Certain portions of the book treat of matters new in fire prevention. This is specially true of the chapter on coconut oil, animal oils and oil hydrogenation. Petroleum products are also exhaustively studied and the articles on stills, gasoline cracking, casing-head gasoline plants, foam systems, tank and lightning hazards, tidewater stations and fuel oil burning systems are particularly informing. The coal tar oils and the benzol and aniline oil nitrating and reducing hazards have been carefully described. The book ends with a description of alcohol and turpentine plants and finally gives a schedule stating the flash points, the volatility, iodine values and fermentation values of the oils…

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