Utilizing the Watersheds

Issue 13 and Volume 70.

Utilizing the Watersheds The question of the proper utilization of the lands of the watersheds is a vexing one. Of course, one naturally turns to forestation as the logical solution of the difficulty and perhaps with a good deal of reason. The planting of trees on the watersheds is probably under most circumstances the best and most profitable way— all things considered—of utilizing the land devoted to this object. A thick growth of trees, especially on hillside property, provides the best kind of protection to the springs and streams of the watershed, both by shielding them from the direct rays of the sun and by the retention of moisture in the dead leaves scattered on the ground. The lumber from the trees, too, after a period of years will be available and can be sold at a good sum, provided the superintendent or forester has a fair knowledge of arboriculture…

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