Standardizing Water Works Brass Goods

Issue 13 and Volume 70.

Standardizing Water Works Brass Goods Joint Report of Committees of American and New England Water Works and Brass Goods Manufacturers’ Associations on This Subject to Be Made to the Organizations Named THE report which follows comes as a culmination to the campaign originated by FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING looking toward the standardization of brass goods for water works, which was started in May, 1920. Previous to that time little had been done in bringing order out of chaos in the manufacture of these articles. A suggestion was made that the matter be taken up by the Montreal convention of the American Water Works Association, which opened on June 21, 1920, and FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING sent out a query to the members just preceding that gathering asking their opinion as to the importance and desirability of standardization in brass goods for water works. The great mass of replies received were…

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