Conflagration Caused by Lack of Apparatus

Issue 13 and Volume 70.

Conflagration Caused by Lack of Apparatus Fire Which Destroyed Aylmer, P. Q., Can., Could Have Been Controlled by Proper Apparatus—Help Sent from Ottawa and Hull—Church Fire in Topeka—Fires of the Week Aylmer Business District Destroyed A fire which was fanned by a strong wind blowing inshore off Lake Deschenes and which resulted in the destruction of much of the business district and many residences of Aylmer, Province of Quebec. Canada, took place on August 10. The fire, the cause of which is a mystery, started at 2:15 P. M., in Holt’s stables, and burned over an area four blocks wide and six long. One hundred and twenty-five families comprising some 700 persons were rendered homeless, and one aged man was burned to death fighting the fire. The volunteer fire brigade was under command of Assistant Chief Arthur Whelan, who was in charge in the absence of Chief J. E. Fortier,…

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