Issue 10 and Volume 15.

FIRE IN THE DENVER, COLORADO, STOCK YARDS Denver, Colo.—A fire at the Denver stock yards, July 11th, brought forth the appeals of a special alarm. However, later events proved that this was done for precautionary measures and not because of any necessity. The cattle became frantic, the same as you and I would, if flames were creeping upon us from behind, and the poor things bellowed piteously. The Ire laddies succeeded in opening the pens, and then the animals stampeded, as was expected, but to enable the men to work upon the fire it was necessary to drive the cattle out of the way and that was done by playing several streams of water upon them. During the time necessary to do this, Fire Chief John Healy sent the special alarm and later on he said: “I thought when I first saw the fire that it was going to sweep…

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