Issue 10 and Volume 15.

JUST A TOUCH OF NATURE Songs have been sung, poems have been written, eulogies have been pronounced, but no one has yet, and no one ever will overdo—by praise—the work of the fire laddies. The day was yet new when a woman in Cleveland, Ohio, gave birth to twins, a Caesarian operation being necessary, and then a transfusion of blood was necessary to save the mother’s life. Who would volunteer? The news came to 500 city firemen, on duty, and with the same speed that they rush to duty, 372 answered: “I will.” Now aren’t you glad that you voted for the two platoon system, even though it does cost a mill or two more in taxes? Why of course you are, so that the younger men may have some time with mother, sister, or sweetheart, while the married men may spend a little time at home singing: “Ah, ’tis…

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