Issue 10 and Volume 15.

LACK OF CAUTION PERMITS FIRES From Casper, Wyoming, July 12th, the Associated Press sends out the following news item; ? “Lightning struck another 80,000 barrel tank of crude oil on the Midwest Oil Refining Company’s tank farm near here, the ninth tank to be hit by lighting within twenty-five days. As nothing is said about lightning rods proving inefficient to thwart the lightning hitting the tanks proper, it is safe to state that these tanks were not protected with rods. If it shall be stated that it is not customary to place such protective devices, because there has never been found any need, previous to June 17th, what has delayed the placing in the interim? There should be large copper, rounded bars, near the top of these tanks and a standard lightning rod spaced every 6 feet on these bars, and there should be a large rounded copper rod leading…

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