Issue 10 and Volume 15.

FIRE HORSE LOSES OUT TO MOTOR APPARATUS The fire horse, about which so much sentiment has been connected in. the past, has almost lost out in the progress toward higher efficiency in Illinois fire departments. Of 72 cities of more than 5,000 population, exclusive of Chicago, only four now depend entirely on the horse,—Herrin, Madison, Mt. Vernon and Staunton. Forty-one cities have entirely motorized their departments, while in the remaining 26 motorization is being brought about as rapidly as funds permit. In 16 of the latter cities horsedrawn apparatus is far in the minority, in some cases being held merely in reserve, while in only 10 of them does the horse have an even break or better. These figures are shown by a survey made by State Fire Marshal John G. Gamber, in which figures were secured from all but eight cities of more than 5,000 pulation. Twenty-six of such…

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