Issue 10 and Volume 15.

SAN JOSE, CALIF. Population estimated to be 40,q00; the 1920 U. S. census showed 39,604. The growth of the city has been due to its location in the center of a rich fruitlaising valley producing principally prunes, apricots, and cherries; and to the increased prosperity of fruit growers during the past five years. Fruit processing machinery, cans and boxes are manufactured locally. One railroad furnishes shipping facilities. Conflagration Hazard The features that make the conflagration hazard severe locally in the business district are the unusual number of excessive areas, numerous unprotected openings and weak construction. Very infrequent high winds, low height of buildings, fair to good width of streets, and mainly adequate fire fighting facilities are mitigating features, and the probability of a sweeping fire is moderate. The manufacturing interests only involve slight to severe local hazards. The residential sections of the city are of shingle-roofed frame construction, but dwellings…

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