Strategy In Fire Fighting

Issue 10 and Volume 15.

Strategy In Fire Fighting ARTICLE II The highest efficiency in fire fighting can be attained only through the standardization of fire fighting evolutions and operations. Standard evolutions and operations can be dev eloped through standard reasoning, and in no other way. Provided fire fighting evolutions and operations can be reduced to definite and invariable rules, and provided all conditions found to prevail at fires can be accurately classified, defined, and set forth in concise statement, and provided the exact rule that will apply to a prescribed class of fires can be definitely determined, and provided men can hold in their recollection the precise rule that should be applied in any circumstance with which they be confronted, then the introductory statement is not true. If, however, the conditions that prevail at fires are so varied that the exact procedure that should be followed, at every class of fire and all sorts…

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