Town Burned—No Fire Department

Issue 14 and Volume 70.

Town Burned—No Fire Department Another case where a little money spent in fire protection would have saved many thousands of dollars was that of Betonia, Miss., the business district of which was completely wiped out on August 7. The town had absolutely no fire-fighting facilities of any kind and no fire department, and so there was nothing left to do but to let the fire burn itself out. A fire truck was dispatched on an appeal by phone from Yazoo, twenty miles away, but arrived too late to be of any service. The fire started at 11:10 P. M. in a small way in the rear of a garage, caused by a gas explosion. The buildings, mostly one story in height, were constructed of frame and proved an easy prey to the flames. The loss was estimated pretty close to $100,000, according to a report furnished by William McLauren.

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