Methods of Drilling and Training Firemen

Issue 14 and Volume 70.

Methods of Drilling and Training Firemen The School Idea for Increasing Fire Fighters’ Efficiency Is Being Generally Adopted—Departments Have Regular Systematic Instruction—Replies to Questionnaire on Subject ONE of the most important of modern tendencies in fire department practice is the proper instruction of firemen, not only in the ordinary duties consequent upon the exercise of their profession, but in the details of the science of fire-fighting. This science has of late years been gradually developing and broadening until today it is no longer a haphazard, go-as-you-please affair, where every man does about as his inclination wills, but, on the contrary, has become exact and is regulated by rules of practice that are looked upon as standard. Much credit for this great improvement upon old methods is to be given to the International Association of Fire Engineers, which, through its program of standardization, has brought methods out of chaos into order…

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