New Jersey State Firemen Meet

Issue 14 and Volume 70.

New Jersey State Firemen Meet The forty-fourth annual convention of the New Jersey State Firemen’s Association was held at Atlantic City on September 23 and 24. The association was addressed by Senator William N. Runyon, who urged the association to join in bringing about a restoration of normalcy through participation in the nation-wide movement to revive industrial activity. He pleaded for a disarmament of suspicion along with the limitation of armaments. Team work, he declared, was needed to bring the nation back into its industrial stride and relieve the present abnormal unemployment situation. The senator presented to Mrs. Bird W. Spencer, wife of General Spencer, president of the association since its organization forty-four years ago, a miniature of her husband, painted in ivory and framed in a solid gold case, showing him in uniform. This was the gift of the New Jersey State Fire Chiefs’ Association and was designed and…

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