Active Membership Confined to Chiefs

Issue 19 and Volume 70.

Active Membership Confined to Chiefs Article of Constitution on Membership in International Association of Fire Engineers Remains as Before—The Balance of Report of Committee on Revision Adopted OCTOBER 11, 1921 Afternoon Session. 2:30 o’Clock CHIEF W. L. SANDIDGE (Lynchburg. Va.)—I make this motion. that any deputy chief or assistant chief who wants to join this association, let him be recommended by the chief of the fire department. It is all right to let as many jjoin you as the chief chooses to recommend. If he wants one, let him recommend him before he takes him into the association. I make the motion before a man is accepted, that the chief would recommend him and sign his paper. Then you will have no trouble about that. CHAIRMAN Armstrong—You can add, “The officer in charge, or in the absence of the chief,” or where they have the twoplatoon system in effect, “the…

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