St. Louis Annual Water Report

Issue 19 and Volume 70.

St. Louis Annual Water Report Water Commissioner Edward D. Wall, in his annual report for the year ending April. 1921, shows that the cost of operation and maintenance of the department in 1920-21 was $2,185,342.29 against in 1912 – 13. $1,000641.38. He estimates that, taking into account increased wages and salaries and material costs, it would have taken the sum of $2,382,762.48 to represent “the net cost of operation and maintenance of 1920-21 as it would have been, had the same corporate efficiency, wage schedule and general prices prevailed as in 1912-13.” This sum is $197,420.19 more than the actual expenditure of 1920-21. “One fact should not be lost sight of,” the report say’s, “that the water rates in effect todayare less than in 1912-13, and the water division starts on the new fiscal y’ear (beginning April 13 last) with the comfortable sum of $567,604.58 to its credit. To have…

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