Issue 19 and Volume 70.

EXTINGUISHING GREAT OIL FIRE Blaze in Mexican Fields Controlled by Shutting Off Valves, Men Working in Relays with Asbestos Shields THE illustrations herewith give a very vivid idea of the great fire in the Amatlan field of the Mexican oil fields in the latter part of July, which resulted in a loss to some of the oil companies of practically two and a half million dollars. The two wells produced an estimated volume of 100,000 barrels of oil per day and would have ruined the field if they had been allowed to burn for any great length of time. All the oil companies mustered their forces to put out the fires and it was suggested that an attempt he made to get to the valves to shut off the flow of oil. Investigation showed that these consisted of 2,500 pounds working pressure Ludlow valves, and it was decided in order…

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