Issue 21 and Volume 70.

PERSONALS Joe Vickers has been elected chief of the Alexandria, S. Dak., fire department to succeed E. I. Gregory, resigned. Allen Monthaven has resigned as chief of the Deshler fire department. Paul M. Whitford has been appointed superintendent of the Watchung, N. J., Water Company, in place of Harry R. Cook, resigned. The appointment has been announced by Service Director W. H. Duffy of Columbus, Ohio, of Clarence B. Hoover as superintendent of the water division of that city. The fire apparatus equipment of the Burlington, Vt., fire department has been moved from its old headquarters in the city hall to part of the new building recently erected by the city for the pumping station. A room on the cast side of the pumping station is also to be fitted up for a meeting place of the fire department.

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