Brass Goods Standardization

Issue 21 and Volume 70.

Brass Goods Standardization This is distinctly the age of Standardization. It is a logical development arising from realization of the waste that has previously resulted from haphazard and go-as-you-please methods. Whatever evils have followed in the train of the World War it has this one thing to its credit that it showed the absolute necessity for oneness of action, for the cutting of unnecessary operations and processes and for the conservation of energy and material—that is, to sum up in one word, Standardization. Thus the movement which had been begun before the war received a vast impetus through governmental action forced by the necessities of the conflict, in the matter of standardization. Naturally both the fields to which FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING is devoted have been affected and benefited equally with others. In the fire field, for instance, there has been the spreading movement toward standardization of hose couplings and…

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