Forest Fires

Issue 24 and Volume 70.

Forest Fires The pulpwood regions of the United States during 1920 had 14,460 fires burning over 2,059,408 acres, as set forth in a report by the wood lands section of the American Paper and Pulp Association in co-operation with the United States Forest Service. In New England alone there were 2,419 fires, while in New York State there were 709 fires, burning over 35,176 acres. In the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia. North Carolina and New Jersey there were 4,928 fires, burning over an acreage of 716,864. Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota suffered 7,776 fires, burning 597,910 acres and Washington, Oregon and California had 4,861 fires, burning 645,648 acres. The total damage by these fires throughout the country was $6,319,641. T. Alfred Fleming, supervisor of the conservation department of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, delivered an address on Fire Prevention and Conservation on November 18, for the…

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