Issue 24 and Volume 70.

CORRESPONDENCE (Note—While gladly publishing Idlers from its readers, FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING does not hold itself responsible for the views expressed therein.— EDITOR.) Speed of Fire Apparatus To the Editor : Every time the fire department responds to an alarm of fire there is potential danger of an accident. Since automobiles have come into vogue, the chances have increased. The fire department is liable to be criticized for speeding at most any of such occasions. To the person standing on the sidewalk, in some cases there might appear imminent and numerous possibilities for collisions and narrow escapes from them. The apparatus goes by with a roar, and with clanging bell and shrieking siren, to judge by the noise created, it is speeding at the rate of sixty or seventy miles per hour. As a matter of fact, it seldom exceeds twenty-five to thirty-five miles per hour, depending on conditions. It…

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