Oil on Harbors and Rivers

Issue 24 and Volume 70.

Oil on Harbors and Rivers Rhode Island has been experiencing much trouble during the present and past months with the pollution of Narragansett Bay through oil and oil refuse being dumped into it from steamers and from manufactories. However, Rhode Island is by no means alone in this respect. Nearly all coastal cities have had to deal with this problem from time to time, both those of the East and of the West, and also those situated on navigable rivers. There have been many attempts more or less successful to control and abolish the practice of dumping oil and oil refuse into the navigable waters. The fire menace contained in this practice is so apparent that it would almost seem unnecessary to call attention to it. especially as the masters of oil-burning vessels who dump this oil refuse on the water, or allow their crews to do so, are jeopardizing…

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