Issue 24 and Volume 70.

WATER WORKS NEWS NOTE-Special Water Business News, with Proposals, etc., will be found on page 1119.—EDITOR. In the budget of Mayor Evans of Zanesville, Ohio, for the year 1922, the estimated revenue for the water department is set at $114,714.13. The proposition of installing a municipal water plant at Keansburg, N. J., was carried at the recent election by a vote of 321 against 183. The Laync & Bowler Company has been engaged in sinking test wells at Rahway, N. J., with a view to increasing the water supply of that city. The commissioners of East Hartford, Conn., fire district have been authorized to borrow not to exceed $25,000 to pay for water extensions made in the meadow districts and others. As a result of recent rains a report has been received by City Manager McKay of Newburgh, N. Y.. that there has been an increase of fourteen inches in…

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