Issue 26 and Volume 70.

BOSTON HIGH PRESSURE FINAL TESTS Official Figures by National Board of New England Insurance Exchange—Two Exhibitions Held BOSTON’S new high pressure fire system is now in operation. Two very successful demonstrations were held as final tests before the city formally took over the pumping stations. A hydrant test was held on the evening of December 9 on Atlantic Avenue at the foot of State Street. At 9 o’clock an alarm was turned in from Box 1257 at Lxmg Wharf, the hook being pulled by Miss Virginia Manning, the 14 year old daughter of Acting Fire Commissioner Joseph P. Manning. The response of apparatus to this box included engine companies 4, 8, 25, and 39, High Pressure Co. 2, a fireboat, Ladders 1 and 8, Rescue Co. 1, Water Tower 1, and protective department autos. High Pressure Wagon No. 2 was placed in position on the wharf side of Atlantic Avenue…

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