What Every Fire Fighter Should Know

Issue 26 and Volume 70.

What Every Fire Fighter Should Know Compiled and Arranged by B.Sc., M.E.. (Continued from page 1140) OIL STORAGE AND ITS HAZARDS After the middle of the year 1864 the oil industry began to expand, and the production has since steadily increased with the opening of new fields in different part of the United States. A combination of the figures lor marketed production and of the estimated quantity of oil placed in producers storage gives more than 290,000.000 barrels as the total yield of the oil wells of the United States in 1914. (Mineral Resources of U. S., 1915.) As all the petroleum is not marketed immediately after production, containers for storage are a necessity, Some form of either temporary or permanent storage tank must be provided wherever an oil field is opened up and also at receiving points for the refinery industries. Nature and Characteristics of Material Crude petroleum varies…

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