Dangerous Advice

Issue 26 and Volume 70.

Dangerous Advice We take this from an Ohio paper, “Answer to Questions” page: “Clean dress. Q.—How can one clean a white chiffon dress and put it away for the winter? A.—Wash it in gasoline. Do not rub but souse the dress up and down gently, changing the gasoline when it becomes soiled. Shake out, air thoroughly, press, and wrap in blue or yellow tissue paper.” Even the gentle “sousing” may result in a static spark that will explode the gasoline vapor, especially if such foolish work is done indoors. The fact that the gasoline must be “changed frequently” implies that quite a supply is at hand. If you value your life less than the small amount a professional cleaner would charge for assuming the risk and doing the work properly, the above answer to the question will suffice.—Ohio State Fire Marshal’s Bulletin for November.

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