Another Fatal Fire in Picture Theatre

Issue 26 and Volume 70.

Another Fatal Fire in Picture Theatre Blaze in Old Church Building Which Had Been Transformed Into Playhouse Catches Audience Before They Can Escape —Japanese Theatre Burned—Record of the Week’s Fires New Haven Theatre Burns A fire believed to have been caused by the ignition of stage properties from an incense burner suspended from the roof of the stage, destroyed the Rialto Theatre, a moving picture house on College Street, opposite the Hotel Taft and on the edge of the old Yale Campus at New Haven, Conn., on November 28, 1921. The theatre, which seated about five hundred persons, was crowded to capacity, a popular picture, “The Sheik,” being shown. There were even a few persons standing in the rear of the orchestra. The opening scene of the picture was that of a harem and to give local color to the scene incense was burned close to the ceiling above the…

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