Lessons of the New Haven Fire

Issue 26 and Volume 70.

Lessons of the New Haven Fire The fire which destroyed the Rialto Theatre in New Haven, Conn., and which occurred on November 28, again emphasizes the hazard of improperly built playhouses and the necessity for the housing of amusements in fireproof structures. This particularly applies to the moving picture playhouse, as in most cities the modern theatre building is required to be constructed in a fire resistant manner and with ample facilities for exit in case of panic. This is not true in equal degree of the average moving picture house. The cheap theatres of this class are often housed in reconstructed buildings that have been used for other purposes and are not only not fireproof, or fire resistive, but also are constructed with comparatively little consideration for the safety of its patrons. On the other hand, the fire hazard in the average moving picture house is much greater than…

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