The Splendid Outlook for 1922

Issue 1 and Volume 71.

The Splendid Outlook for 1922 Indications All Point Toward Continued Advance in Demand for All Machinery, Apparatus, Materials and Supplies in the Movement for Added Efficiency—Improvements Considered THE year 1922 opens with promise of vastly better things than its immediate predecessors, and with prospects of great advances in efficiency in both the Water Supply and Fire Department Fields. Conditions which prevailed in the period embracing the World War and the immediate time following that catastrophe were such that progress was next to impossible and, while it is true that the water and fire departments were less affected by those conditions than almost any other lines, yet, as a matter of fact, even in these branches of the municipalities’ activities, the universal stagnation was felt in the general constriction of improvements, owing to the ban on all but absolutely necessary work during the war period by the War Industries Board and…

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