Issue 1 and Volume 71.

SPECIAL BUSINESS NEWS WATER BUSINESS SPECIALS Duluth, Minn.—City commissioners have ordered water mains extended. Waupaco, Wis.—Plans are in progress for construction of new water supply system, involving gravel – packed wells, 30-ft. dlam., 36 ft. deep. Contemplate buying new house meters and one or two new pumps. Rosebud, Texas.—City voted $30,000 bonds for water works construction. The Mayor. Walnut Springs, Texas.—It is planned to install water works system. Bluefleld, W. Va.—Bluefleld Water Works & Improvement Company will construct reservoirs or dams. Gadsden, Ala.—City is considering extension of water works, construction of settling basin, and erection of storage reservoir on Lookout Mountain. Wellsville, Ohio.—Improvement of water works is contemplated at a cost of $300,000. Morris-Knowles, Inc., 1200 Jones Law Bldg., Pittsburgh, engrs. Sarnia, Ont.—Election to be held January 2 for vote on $15,000 bonds for extending mains. M. D. Stewart, clerk. Vermilion, S. D.—Plans are being drawn up for building reservoir…

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