Extensive Water Works Projects Planned

Issue 1 and Volume 71.

Extensive Water Works Projects Planned Good Prospects for Increase in Efficiency and Expansion of Water Works Throughout the Land—Much Work Planned in Many Cities—All Branches of Water Supply Affected THE year 1922 will no doubt be a banner year for improvements in the water works of this country and Canada. This is only natural, as, with the growth of the municipalities which they supply, and after the period of stagnation just passed, such improvements have become, in many cases, imperative. They can no longer be delayed, without the loss of efficiency which no water superintendent can contemplate with complacency. Other elements have entered into the situation, also. The necessity of providing employment for the idle men which the recent stagnation in business has produced is one of these. This has stimulated the cities to push improvements which perhaps otherwise might have been passed over. Another cause of added activity in…

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