An Interesting Water Works Decision

Issue 8 and Volume 71.

An Interesting Water Works Decision A decision which, while applying to a small water works, would seem to embody an important legal precedent has just been decided by the supreme court of the state of Nebraska. It seems that the city of Chadron, Neb., with a population of 4,412, desiring to increase its water supply added an underground collecting system, a pipe line and a one-million-gallon reservoir at a cost, of $168,000. It was then discovered that no permit bad been obtained from the state department of public works or taking of the additional amount of water necessary to supply the new system from Chadron Creek or to install the new water works. It was even found that the city had never obtained the authority to build a large storage dam constructed across the creek some ten years ago or the right to store the excess water. The city immediately…

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