How to Minimize Loss of Life from Fire

Issue 8 and Volume 71.

How to Minimize Loss of Life from Fire The Necessity for Team Work in the Saving of Life—Education an Important Factor—Legislation Also Plays Vital Part—Publicity a Necessity for Success in Fire Prevention STATE Fire Marshal Nettleton usually manages to compress much value into little space, and the following paper is no exception to the rule. While addressed primarily to the members of the Fire Marshals’ Association of North America, there is so much food for thought in it and so many excellent suggestions that should be digested by chiefs and others looking toward the saving of human life that it is gladly reproduced here for that reason. The definition of “fire prevention” boiled down means the prevention of fire and includes the thoughtful study of the numerous causes of file and the persistent safeguarding against and the removal of the causes. We all understand this, but this raises the question…

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