What Every Fire-Fighter Should Know

Issue 8 and Volume 71.

What Every Fire-Fighter Should Know Compiled and Arranged (Continued from page 287) FIGHTING FIRES WITH DYNAMITE Lessons taught by the use of dynamite during the San Francisco fire in 1906 may be briefly summarized in the following suggestions for the organization and regulations for demolishing buildings in a large fire: No explosives to be taken into a building until an inspection of building has been made to ascertain if there are any people either invalids, cripples or others, still remaining therein, and also to find out the strength of the building and its relation to others nearby. One man to make primers a short distance away from the powder wagons and to prepare only the number ordered by the officer in charge. The officer in charge to be the judge of the amount necessary and where it is to be placed. If more than one building in a square is…

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