Yardley, Pa., Pumper Has Practical Test

Issue 8 and Volume 71.

Yardley, Pa., Pumper Has Practical Test The Yardley, Pa., Fire Engine Company recently acquired a Rco-Howe pumper, illustrated herewith. The standard specifications and equipment of this apparatus includes a 250-350 gallon rotary pump. About 4:20 o’clock on a recent morning the company was called out to fight a fire about four miles out of town and after making the run in about ten minutes, according to W. C. Kirkbridge, secretary of the company, the pumper was able to pump water from a creek 1,200 feet from the burning house, up a 45 degree grade. This it did for five consecutive hours without a miss and also threw water from one of the large nozzles over a nearby barn, at least 40 feet high, in order to save it from the sparks thrown off the fire in the residence. Mr. Kirkbridge says there were two other fire companies from an adjacent…

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