New Trade Publications Received

Issue 8 and Volume 71.

New Trade Publications Received The following literature descriptive of up-to-date methods and equipment for water works and fire departments has just been issued for general distribution and can be procured by writing to the concern mentioned: Novo-Engine Company, Lansing, Mich. — Novo-Power for February, 1922, 8 pages, illustrated. Automatic Sprinkler Company of America, 123 William Street, New York City—“The Pursuit of Safety,” catalogue, 40 pages and cover, illustrated. Bruce-Macbeth Engine Company, 2111 Center Street, N. W., Cleveland, Ohio—“Multiple Cylinder Gas Engines, Bulletin No. 156,” 16 pages, illustrated. “Multiple Cylinder Producer Gas Engines, Bulletin No. 163,” 16 pages, illustrated. Badger Fire Extinguisher Company, Inc., 175 Portland St., Boston, Mass.—“Badger’s Fire Extinguishers,” pamphlet, 16 pages, illustrated. “Badger’s No. 1 Fire Extinguisher,” 3-page folder, illustrated. “Badger’s Chemical Fire Engine,” 4-page folder, illustrated. “Badger’s 20-Gallon Chemical Engine,” 2page circular. “Badger’s Chemical Fire Engine,” 4-page circular, illustrated.

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