Montgomery County Association Entertained

Issue 8 and Volume 71.

Montgomery County Association Entertained On Saturday, March 4, the La Mott, Pa., Fire Company No. 1 will entertain the Montgomery County Firemen’s Association at their fire house. The Montgomery County Association includes practically every company in the county, sixty-two companies responding to the roll call, their delegates coming from all corners of the county. Under the leadership of President William T. Muldrew the association has heen instrumental in causing measures to be passed by the legislature for the benefit of firemen of the state, both paid and volunteer. One of these measures prohibits parking in front of fire hydrants, running automobiles over inflated lines, racing with fire apparatus to fires and otherwise hampering firemen in their work. Another measure passed was to assist companies in second and third class townships to obtain money for equipment and supplies. The association is now about to organize a death benefit fund for its…

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