Plan $50,000 Expenditure for Muscatine, la.

Issue 9 and Volume 71.

Plan $50,000 Expenditure for Muscatine, la. The financial statement of William Molis, superintendent of the Muscatine, Iowa, water department, in his annual report to the trustees of the water works shows that $91,040.65 constituted a surplus or reserve on December 31 last. The balance on hand the year previous was $74,077.83, while the sum collected in water rents and taxes was $53,562.40, with total disbursements of $36,599.58 reported for the year. Improvements which will entail an expenditure of approximately $50,000 are contemplated for the year. The superintendent was instructed to investigate the cost of pumpers to be installed on the fire trucks. It is proposed that this complement to the fire fighting equipment of the city be supplied by the water works department, the purchase being recommended by Mr. Molis because of a saving which will result. Direct pressure causes the breakage of water services in such proportions as to…

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