Firemen Should Lead in Fire Prevention

Issue 9 and Volume 71.

Firemen Should Lead in Fire Prevention Departments No Longer Simply Extinguishers of Fires— The Chief and His Men Must Educate Citizens in Fire Prevention—Must Know All Buildings in Their Departments A FEW years back all that could be said of American fire departments was that they were extinguishing units, and it was true. But todayfinds almost every fire department in America an extinguishing and a prevention unit. They are being backed up by state laws, and city ordinances and by the Underwriters to this end. The Problem in a Nutshell The old saying is “The only persons who can prevent loss by fire are the owners or occupants of the premises; upon them rests the responsibility of loss in nearly every fire.” This is the problem in a nutshell. It is up to the fire department by lecture and propaganda and regular inspection to remove the dangers in our present…

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